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PF Karlin

     Authors Linda Fagala and Karen Pugh did things a bit backwards.  We wrote our first book and self-published Shattered Fate without giving much thought to branding.  Well as it turns out, branding two authors who merge their talents by writing multiple novels together is difficult.  So, Linda came up with the idea to combine our names into PF Karlin.  Starting with our second book, Destiny Reborn, the transition of writing under our pseudonym, PF Karlin, will begin.
     Presently, we are writing in one of the newer genres of the Romance Writing world, New Adult.  In our novels the character's ages fall between nineteen to thirty years old.  The plots take place when young adults are discovering more permanent loves, struggling with new careers, and working on finding themselves in a world that is very different form their school years. 
     We decided to start with this genre mainly because Linda's idea of Belinda and Robert starts with their college years.  However, the books are written so a variety of age groups can enjoy our mixed up lovebirds journey.  They are meant to be entertaining and focus on the relationship.
     We like adding a special twist to each book, just to keep things interesting and hopefully you don't see them coming.  We try to invite the reader into wondering if love is forever.
     We're not sure what the future will hold, but we have ideas for at least nine more books.  Some are in the works and others still in our heads, all fighting to get out.
     So, keep coming back to check on our progress, sign up for the newsletter, or give us a tweet, like, share, pin, or email.  We enjoy them all.
P F Karlin

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